Motown the Musical

I know I should put this post under “Reviews,” but I will save that for when I actually review the performance – not the audience.

I saw Motown the Musical at the Fisher Theater in Detroit the other night. It was a great show with a stellar cast and all the familiar Motown hits I grew up with. The impressions of Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder and Martha Reeves were all spot-on but the singing of the guy sitting next to me could have used some work. When I pay that amount of money for a ticket to a musical, I want to hear professionals. I don’t want to hear some old white man belting out “Love Child” in the wrong key and singing the wrong words. It’s “Love child, born in poverty,” not “Love child born in puberty.” And then he felt that he had to announce who everyone was. Trust me, when five black kids come out wearing fringe and singing “ABC,” I think everyone knew it was The Jackson Five. Oh, and the words are “ABC. It’s easy as 1-2-3. As simple as do-re-mi.” Not – “As simple as you and me.” I was embarrassed to be a white person. I had two options. I could lean over and politely tell him to please be quiet as I would like to hear the show. Or, I could have leaned over and smothered him with my coat while he was singing “Brother, brother, brother, there’s too many of you flying.” Out of respect for the late Marvin Gaye I kept quiet. And out of respect for Stevie Wonder – I turned a blind eye.

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