Welcome to my blog. If you’re looking for some views of life that are slightly askew, cynical and humorous, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t take anything too seriously, including myself, and I often find humor in unlikely places. From my family (who may never speak to me again) to my husband (who often doesn’t speak to me anyway) to my friends (they may be dropping like flies) to famous people (who have no idea who I am and really don’t care what I think anyway) nothing is off limits.

At the start of each month I will publish a new essay. Since I am an unashamed television addict, you will find my take on current shows, movies and concerts. Tangents consist of anything and everything that is bothering me! This will most likely be updated hourly.

I hope you enjoy my essays, my posts and reviews. I encourage comments and hope that, if nothing else, you laughed out loud at something I wrote.

P.S.I often go by the name Fiona O’Brien to confuse the paparazzi.





  1. Hi Terry This is Michael who had the pleasure of taking you and Tim on a tour to Stonehenge the other day. I have started to read some of your blog and wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your writing. Thank you also for your company during the tour.


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